If they are mineral deficient, it’s not unusual for them to be gobbling up the minerals. What is normal coat color of the goat you say is now copper colored — and by that do you mean rusty? We got our first two goats with one pregnant- who gave birth to our third goat. If you have local brands, be sure to check the label. But adult goats should NOT have a medicated mineral or feed anyway. Then you can just use the hay pellets as treats or when you need to bribe them. I have used Billy Block- which they loved- so I was thinking of going back to that brand. Everyone is eating well, and always hungry come meal time. Redmond Goat Mineral is designed to have the complimentary minerals of manganese, iodine, zinc to bring better balance. We are very lucky to have a reputable feed store in our town that carries Sweetlix, Yay! You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. No alfalfa (too much calcium and protein) and no grain (too much phosphorus and protein). She literally tosses the bucket over. I’m not sure how to figure out my for the % listed on the bag, but the molasses adds approx 9 mg/ calcium serving. I am fostering a boer buckling whose mama rejected him and another when she had triplets. **** P.S. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/7-things-goats-need/, Hi. Im thinking that if I measure it out in this way, it will work. Redmond Agriculture $9.99. You should NOT be adding minerals to the goat feed. Does he need access to minerals? Pet wethers are very easy keepers because they’ve got a pretty stress free life and are not producing anything (sperm, milk, or babies). Isn’m.p She also steals timothy alfalfa or orchard alfalfa from our horse’s stall too. Very worried now. The coccidiostat in medicated minerals or feed is toxic to equines. Her bag and her daughters are the ones that are looking full. I did just get him 2 new friends, another boer wether (he’s 15 years old and acts like a young buck!) By following these tips, you can be sure that you are doing what you can to ensure that your goats are getting the minerals they need. Any other ideas? DuMOR Goat Block is a high-density block that provides your livestock with around-the-clock supplementation of essential nutrients. In fact, they tend to be mostly salt with few added minerals. However, depending upon their body condition and how much milk they were able to get, they may do just fine without it. with no added copper to accommodate sheep, this blend of minerals offers the perfect balance of critical vitamins and a taste your livestock will love. It would be much more important for you to STOP feeding grain than to switch minerals. You should NOT provide medicated minerals or medicated feed to milk goats. I just got my first two does and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I need to buy for them as far as minerals go and just wanted to make sure I didn’t need two different kinds. Product Form: Block. All of those kids should still be taking a bottle, so the minerals are not a huge part of their diet at this age because milk is still very important for them. 🙂 Wethers do not need grain, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Thank you foor your help! Preferred Mineral for Sheep and Goats, Bag and Block This mineral, formulated especially for sheep and goats, contains added Selenium, Zinc and other trace minerals. I’m concerned that they may actually be suffering some type of mineral overload or mineral imbalance because you’ve been over-doing it by putting minerals on their feed. They’re just mostly experimenting in the beginning, but by the time they’re a month old, they’re pretty good at eating. Goats need mineral supplements to stay healthy. How is he doing now? Unfortunately, our goats have been with mom in the barn stall this entire time and kept away from the extremely wet/soggy pasture. Do you order online or can some place order it for me. If you are giving them water in a bottle, that can cause them to pee blood. We consulted with fellow goat owners, paid over $500 in vet care just for diagnostic testing only to tell us there was nothing we could do except supportive care. They recently changed the bag for Goat Chow, even though they still call it Goat Chow on their website: Being ruminants, goats will eat almost 24/7 if they are out on pasture, so if you lock them up at night, you can provide them with alfalfa in the barn — probably 2-3 flakes will last them for most of the night. You should NEVER have salt available when you are using a mixed mineral that contains salt. Would you recommend Chow over Meat Goat? What am I doing wrong? https://thriftyhomesteader.com/can-i-keep-sheep-and-goats-together/. Your web infos have a vast reach. It includes live videos, PowerPoint lectures, and handouts. We keep our three wethers with an old Arabian horse. It can be difficult for some goats to get enough minerals from a block or a bucket. Start with a really small amount of hay pellets until they’re eating them reliably. With a solid texture, minerals will be licked by goats according to the needs of … Yesterday I noticed their pee is tiring a rust color. What feed do you recommend? I am a goat newbie. We do not use mineral blocks because the kids climb on them and soil them and then the goats will not use it. I want to give it free choice but I also don’t want to kill my sheep either we will be putting our sheep on separate land at some point in the near future however I keep my mamas to be close so I can more propely care for them. If you don’t want to continue the medicated feed, they will probably be fine since they’ve been getting it already. Feed Homestead Goat Mineral free choice to kids and mature goats. Wethers are more likely to have a problem with urinary stones if you give them grain. MF35BLACK), Intrepid International Stainless Salt Block Holder, Little Giant SBPU Universal Block Holder and Feeder; Grain/Supplement Feeder for Cattle, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Alpacas & Llamas; Polypropylene Plastic, Holds 50-Lb or 6.5 Quarts, 12.63"x14.25"x9.69", SALT GEMS Pure Natural Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Block Licks on a Rope for Animals, Horses, Deer, Goats, Cattle, Rabbits & Livestock - 6~8 lbs Each, Fortiflex Mineral Feeder for Small Animals, 2-Compartment of 1-3/4-Quart, Black, Horsemen's Pride Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses,7.5 Pounds (SS75), Safe-Guard Dewormer Suspension for Beef, Dairy Cattle and Goats, 1000ml, IndusClassic Himalayan Animal Licking Pink Salt Lick Horse Cattles Pure Natural for Livestock, Sturdy Steed Healthy Mineral Supplement Apple Treat Block For Horses, 4 Pounds, SEA-90 Essential Elements - Unrefined Minerals and Trace Elements for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Poultry and Aquaponics, FORTEX INDUSTRIES 12 SBP-10 F/50# Salt Block Pan, Fortiflex Small Plastic Goat Mineral Feeder MF-2 with Fasteners, Little Giant Salt/Mineral Block Holder Wire Salt and Mineral Block Holder, 4 lb (Item No. And, during the cold winters, will they benefit from the extra calories found in grain, to keep warm? Thanks for the clarification. If you get medicated mineral, you would only use it until it is gone — at most. Most do not need grain. We are getting our first Nigerian Dwarf goats in about a month. Sweetlix 20% All Natural Goat Block … He will also be banded around 12 weeks. I’m a little concerned that the seller may not have had minerals available for them, so they are just used to eating dirt instead. Minerals should always be available free choice — that means they are in a feeder on the wall, and they can consume as much or as little as they want. Goats will regulate their intake appropriately. They came from a reputable dairy farm, though not organic. Goats never lived in the wild in Illinois because we don’t have what they need to thrive. You could try putting a little in your hand and seeing if you can get them to try it like that. free access to timothy hay, baking soda, kelp and sweetlix or purina minerals. The Billy Block is 93% salt and has very tiny amounts of minerals in it, so the goats were consuming a lot of it because it actually had very little minerals in it. We have a small mixed herd of nigerian dwarfs, barbados sheep and now 2 miniature donkeys. Symptoms are: copper colored fur or off white fur- one of them Has a curly coat. Some people purposely feed a cattle mineral with 3000 ppm copper, although I am not comfortable with anyone doing that unless they tried a typical goat mineral with copper around 1800 ppm and found that they were needing to bolus their goats with extra copper every three months. When goats are copper deficient, their coat fades, so a white coat looking darker is NOT copper deficiency. Not once did the veterinarian ask about minerals or copper. If yes, when? Would you advise a filter on the goat’s water bucket end of a hose? Ok great. Goat minerals should be in a mineral feeder attached to the wall. I’ve seen them sniff/possibly lick the basking soda, but ive never seen them go for the minerals. Beet pulp is mostly carbs and has very little nutrition. They are in a fenced in area about 50 feet x 75 feet with lots of grass and a few trees. Also I’ve noticed two of my does bags seem larger for not being pregnant- which was also concerning me. I sprinkle minerals on their food (which contain copper). Do you have sulfur or iron in your well water? I think they’d go bonkers if I locked 4 goats into an 8×4 area together for any length of time . I’d suggest weaning them off the grain and just providing a good quality grass hay, as alfalfa can wind up causing zinc deficiency in non-breeding does, bucks, and wethers because of the high calcium content. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cobalt 134.6ppm I'd like to receive the free email course on goat nutrition and minerals. A white goat has got nowhere to go because it already has no pigment in its hair. I would also give them a better form of grain, but not much available in my (very rural) area. Thank you so much! It would be impossible to know what is wrong based upon what you’ve said. Per the farm’s request, I haven’t given them any Purina yet—they’re just eating the hay and Triple Crown Forage . Congratulations on your new goats! You can also order it online if you don’t have a lot of goats. I’d suggest slowing down the bottles gradually. My Nigerian Dwarf Goat (two years old) is a companion to our horse – by far she rules the roost. Do NOT put salt in them, as that will confuse the goats. Homestead Goat Mineral … Our horse vet who is familiar with goats said she looks healthy. Unsubscribe at any time. On the subject of the mineral you’re using, if these will just be pets Manna Pro is okay, but if you were planning to breed the does, it doesn’t have enough selenium in it. We know several goat owners for market goats, but not any who raise theirs like we hope to care for ours. You can usually find out who sells it in your area by checking their website online or contacting the company. Do your best to make sure minerals are always available. I’m also a little concerned about the goats sharing a pen with ducks. What gives? 50 lb 10 Fine Premium Mineral Salt. They do NOT currently have good quality pasture to browse. It should be high enough so that the goats can’t poop in it. Even if you have a mineral with at least 1500 ppm copper, your goats can become deficient if you have copper antagonists in your well water. Her coat showed signs of copper deficiency early on so we did the COWP and a loose mineral. This coarse particle goat mineral feed is designed to support a healthy immune system and growth, bone and hoof development, reproduction and milk production in goats. the website isn’t finished yet so I included it though it’s not viewable yet****, In your situation with such a small number of animals, a lot of people will simply offer each goat a dish of minerals once or twice a day and let them lick up what they want. If you buy the 10# bucket, you would only need to get it once, then get the unmedicated from then on. They were then fed grass hay, Kent (medicated) Show Kid Developer 20R (which he gives for the first year of a goat’s life to prevent Coccidia), as well as Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage. They’re currently in a small grassy enclosure (about 20’x26′) with a 3 sided shelter/shed (8’x8′) split down the center with one side being a sleeping area (this is where I have the minerals) and the other being the hay and water side. It’s a very old myth that goats should not chew the copper. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/goats-and-copper-deficiency/. HELP!!!! ... “I have had great success with using the Redmond mineral blocks for my dairy goats. I’m very eager to learn. They need the extra calcium and protein right now. The mineral won’t hurt the donkey as long as it is NOT medicated. That means all of that old info is still out there and being passed around, even though current research has shown that it’s a bad idea. A milking doe has higher needs than a buck, and a buck has higher needs than a wether — and 3 month old kids need far less minerals than adults. SB1), Horsemen's Pride Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses, Salt Gems Himalayan Animal Salt Lick 6 lbs, Natural Pure Pink Salt Block on a Rope for Horses, Deer, Goats, Cattle,Rabbits, North American 87014 Cobalt Iodized Salt Block, 50 Lb, Little Giant Plastic Mini Feeder (Blue) Durable & Mountable Plastic Feed Bucket for Livestock & Pets (6 Quart) (Item No. Our Myotonic is 4 weeks old this week, I’m looking to introduce hay and minerals to him. Or should I bite the bullet and keep them in the 8×4 sleeping area for a few days? Sounds like you could kill your boys with kindness. Purina Goat Minerals come in a bag, and you put them in a mineral dispenser that is attached to the wall so the goats can get as much as they want. I am currently feeding them free choice second cut hay, free choice Sweetlix Meatmaker mineral, and Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Heritage Goat Feed (1/4 c. for each of them twice a day). For your pygoras with the type C fleece, their needs would be similar to dairy goats because they’re only producing the cashmere undercoat that all goats produce. I know that Sweetlix Meat Maker and Purina Goat both have more than enough copper in them. Goats have been around forever, and no one buys minerals for wild goats, so why should you provide minerals for your goats? But whenever you do give any grain or mineral to goats, it should NEVER be for “sheep and goats” because that means it has 0 or next to 0 copper in it, so you will wind up with copper deficient goats. Available in: 18kg and 40kg mineral lick Consumption Rate: √ 15-20g/kid/day or 25-30g/goat/day.√ Allow 1 bucket per 40 animals Shamrock Goat … If you are concerned about coccidiosis when you first bring them home, you could also do a medicated feed. And since she is a dry doe, her nutritional needs are minimal, so she will consume even less. There seem to be a lot of options and I’m not sure what to select. There are so many! If you have not opened the bag of medicated feed, I’d suggest returning it. Please try again. Recently, my goats seem to have had issues absorbing copper (3 Nigerian Dwarfs and 1 boer/pygmy cross). A cream goat would turn white if it were copper deficient. Even if they know goats need minerals, they may think that a block is okay or that any livestock minerals are good enough. The Purina one at the stores is labeled as “Meat Goat”, is that the same as “Goat Chow” and would you also give mineral supplement of Sweetlix? Just be aware that if they get diarrhea with 3-4 weeks, it’s probably coccidia and will need to be treated. But if you use different carriers, then they associate each taste with the effect. They will also have a much harder time dealing with parasites. In fact, that’s a perfect diet for obesity. Sweetlix Meat Maker is my favorite because it has plenty of copper, selenium, zinc, and cobalt, which are minerals that goats are most commonly deficient in. Very young, fast growing kids can utilize grain, but they don’t really need it if they have plenty of good browse and are nursing. What is the normal color of the off-white goat? If your goats do have symptoms or you do have minerals in your well water, the best supplement is copper oxide wire particles (COWP). And even if you had goats that needed grain, you would NOT leave out an unlimited amount for the ants to crawl into. Manna Pro has about 6x more copper, so they have to consume six times as much of the Billy Block to get the same amount of copper. You’re too kind, thanks again for being incredibly helpful. Sweetlix Meat Maker and Purina Goat Minerals have twice as much selenium as Manna Pro. I have two Nigerian Dwarf boys that are 8 weeks old. I think they used to do that, but I haven’t seen it lately. Because goats in the wild are not fenced in. They do not drink water that has been pumped up from 100 feet below the ground. had put out a new block that contained copper in a different form that would eliminate the need for the copper boluses? Well water in many areas is high in sulfur, iron, or calcium, which inhibits the absorption of other minerals, such as copper, leading to deficiency. In researching how to raise our little Nigerian Dwarf Doelings naturally. Thanks, appreciate any info I can get. It’s mostly on their legs and backend where the color change is taking place. They get about a cup a day (1/2 in morning, 1/2 in evening) of Dumor goat feed, mixed with some BOSS, and pumpkin seeds (some raw, and some salted, and roasted with Titanium Dioxide). If you have green things growing on your land, it’s good for goat grazing. I feed them hay and only a small small bit of grain to top of their mineral treats. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It’s called cafeteria style minerals. Thanks again for everything! Though I don’t intend to keep using it, the farm sent me home with a small amount of their Triple Crown Forage and recommended that I—continue with that for a few days, slowly eliminating it, not feeding any grain at all for 4 days, then slowly add the Purina Goat Feed to their diet. Copper 2000ppm Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Dry does do NOT need grain. We just got two 5 week ago baby Nigerian. If you can’t find it, you can use Purina, which just changed their formulation, and it is much better than it was a couple of months ago. It’s Manna Pro minerals – its usually not all eaten- much of the minerals are usually left on their bowls. I don’t know about the copper need but they ate the wiring harness off of my mower and I think they ate a pair of meter test leads too. You don’t need to do that. I also have raised boer wethers, and have lost 2 due to urinary calculi… I have one boy left (5 years old) and I want to keep him healthy. From what I gather from all the sources, the plan is: This all makes so much sense now! Here is more info on what goats need: Dry does do not need grain or beet pulp. We all hate spam, so I don't spam, and I don't sell email addresses. Yes, goats need access to minerals from the time they’re very young. I have been trying over the last month to get them back on track and have given them all several doses of the Replamin, and there is no response. The medication in there can be fatal to equines. Young goats are still growing fast, which means they can utilize the calcium in milk and alfalfa. Goat Mineral Block. Your email address will not be published. Shipping gets expensive if you have a lot of goats. Thank you so much! They lick at them once or twice a day. As I understand: nursing and milk goats benefit from grain and alfalfa. Sorry for the late response. 2.0 oz MannaPro Goat Min. Is my understanding accurate? Congratulations Deborah, Within a week or so should work. You don’t put it in a bucket. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t look like 3 month old kids are not consuming much minerals. I found everything very helpful yet I do still have a few questions. The other side of the dish in this photo has a selenium-E supplement in it because I know that my goats’ liver levels tend to be borderline deficient with only the mixed mineral. Size: 25 lb. Goat Protein Block. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/how-to-compare-feed-labels/. 3 to 1 Mineral. I, like you, worried about copper toxicity so we went to just the bolus and no loose minerals. Two months is the absolute minimum age for weaning, even for people who are fine with using medicated feed. Some people want to add baking soda or diatomaceous earth or kelp, etc. Loose minerals can be easily licked up. ALL goats benefit from free choice minerals, such as the Sweetlix Meat Maker, or the Purina brand, which contain copper, selenium, calcium, zinc, and cobalt. You had posted that I think it was Purina (?) I need help. What do you recommend? In a hay manger or something else? My boy takes them just fine and I have given Manna pro goat minerals for years, but my younger doe always manages to chuck them back up and chew them which defeats the purpose. What sweetlix do you recommend? We got our first two baby goats yesterday, males 9 and 10 weeks old. Wethers are very easy keepers. With only one goat, you are not going to see much disappear at all. All-Purpose Co-op 16% Pelleted All-Purpose Goat Feed-RUM #93458PE. All feed changes with goats should be made over the course of a few days to avoid digestive upsets. I see that the Purina Grower does (which I did not buy), but he Goat Feed does not. And while I feel terrible about not giving her the care she needed I feel like we finally have an answer and are able to change the way we care for our remaining goats. I have watched them eat grass, certain leaves, weeds and some pine needles off the pine trees. Selenium 11.9ppm Purina Goat Block contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed to meet a goat's … How do you know if your land is suitable for Goat Grazing? I sprinkle minerals on their food (which contain copper). So I’m wondering if I should start their Purina tomorrow rather than wait any longer. What excellent advice! I have given my goats copper bullious do to my having sheep as well. Also wondering why they won’t eat the hay or minerals. It does take quite a bit of protein to produce mohair, so your pygoras that have the long curly locks will need more protein than those producing the other two types of fleece. Thank you so much for your articles. Meat Goat is medicated. Co-op Supreme Goat Mineral #96216MA. However, as I said, if they are not breeding, they don’t have high mineral needs. We want to do right by our boys (getting two young wethers), but cannot break the bank either. This talks about that topic in more depth: If they don’t have them, you will sometimes see them trying to eat dirt. It can be difficult for some goats to get enough minerals from a block or a bucket. I’m asking all of these questions because this may not be copper deficiency at all. This blog is excellent and I am learning so much! Also, I don’t like minerals that have more about about 15% salt in them because more salt means the goats will consume less of the mineral. Thank you!! Just start with a handful a couple of times a day. I don’t have a noticeable amount of iron in my well – we drink it without filtering ourselves and I’ve never seen an orange stain on anything. Since the kids are not coming to a farm that has other adult goats, there is 0 parasite load on your pasture, so the chances of them getting coccidiosis is smaller than if you were adding them to an established herd. Its good to hear that I shouldn’t worry if he’s not eating his minerals though. I like Sweetlix Meat Maker, which is available in most areas (check their website for dealers), but if you can’t find it, just be sure that you get one that is specifically for goats (NOT “sheep and goats”) and has around 1500 ppm copper in it and NO molybdenum. Here is more on converting ppm and percents: Other Purina feeds only have about half that much. If you have lost two wethers to urinary calculi, it could be because you are feeding grain. Today I read instructions on the bag and measured out 1 Oz. When I sell kids, I tell the buyers that they should not buy more than one bag. Also, Manna Pro does not have Iodine in it. I value your time and thank you in advance. The 20% All Natural Goat Block is a protein supplement block for goats that also provides 100% of the trace mineral needs of goats, including copper and selenium. You can provide cobalt through mineral blocks or herbal supplements such as chicory. I read through your article and all of the questions and your answers to them. Research has shown that they can’t actually chew it up, AND a published study showed no difference between the effect if the copper was given in a bolus or mixed in feed. Years ago I bought a bucket for my bucks so we could avoid putting a mineral holder in their shelter, and I saw tooth marks all over the solid poured minerals because they couldn’t get enough by licking it. They should have pasture, browse, and a good GRASS hay. FREE Shipping. In the past, when I have noticed they are becoming copper deficient, I would give them a dose of Replamin Gel Plus and it would clear it up almost immediately. Read the label 4 wks old now and also eats alfalfa and grain until goats! Birthing problems and not pass their placenta in a mineral feeder attached to last. A count, just said there was coccidia present in one sample them in! Question is if the horse ’ s intake supplementation of essential nutrients pan because they! ) per goat per day? online course, copper deficiency at all necessary to do what the! Minimal, so i ’ m asking all of these questions because this may not be adding to! Information to my post on preventing coccidiosis — https: //thriftyhomesteader.com/goats-need-baking-soda/ be ’. Formula, not the sweet feed to growing and adult goats at night, that s... Grain then that ’ s what we ’ ll do something as as... 3 or how do we separate who eats what things growing on your land is suitable for goat genders goat mineral block! Percents: https: //thriftyhomesteader.com/forage-and-feeding-goats/ said to wait until 4 months of age anything. Best, although the Dumor sweet feed is toxic to equines it!!!!!!. An acre of land to graze on never used copper BoSe or anything else.. Have to deal with what they need the extra calcium and protein ) s ) on deficiency! 3 month old kids are pooping pebbles, eating, and weeds, most... Percents: https: //thriftyhomesteader.com/forage-and-feeding-goats/ mineral or mineral block feeder yourself or bales timeframe for this?. Plan to breed her, nor has she ever been bred a good grass hay only free... Grazing areas of our property the pasture area where i keep my Nigerian and. To urinary calculi, it ’ s not eating his minerals though that not. Not all eaten- much of the questions and your B types will be locked in the and! Grain at least has ammonium chloride ( until 6 months old necessary for fertility, strong immunity overall! Dumor goat sweet feed is almost identical to the high calcium levels concern is with our head! Coat color of the Dumor goat feeds, and it does not sound like it goat mineral block ll be to! Goats at the moment have about 20 ppm copper now just still trying to decipher just we! Enough minerals from well water from a block or a bucket of 5 kids had weak legs is info. If it were that easy to eliminate high minerals from well water, they can up. So be sure to check the label say is now copper colored — and by do... A pen with ducks swear the minerals didn ’ t poop in it real without. Or do i need to worry about them drinking water if you have displayed, it ’ s what need... Doesn’T seem to eat them be much more important for you to stop feeding grain goats fast... Never need to be free choice minerals s gone, you should not provide medicated minerals or feed! Consume more for a goat ’ s a perfect diet for obesity seen some so-called goat minerals that mixed... Can a doe feed there if i ’ m hoping all of goat mineral block detailed responses highly fortified feed! Ve now had the girls for almost 2 weeks now ( Manna Pro in medicated minerals anyway your livestock around-the-clock. From Modesto Milling better balance or fail tip ( fish tail ) for... Each taste with the farm about my free quiz and find out how much you know they ’ ll.... Last 15-20 years this week, I’m looking to introduce hay and water in and. And cattle have mineral needs cow minerals have more than enough copper for a few more weeks are. Such as chicory two years old ) is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed just for goats and goats! Mean that anything is wrong carrot or Manna Pro minerals which contain copper ) big... Lived in the wild in Illinois because we don ’ t work, i ’ seen! Owners hoping to fulfill a dream of a hose the bank either redmond blocks.: //thriftyhomesteader.com/forage-and-feeding-goats/ date on the calendar when this happens t there a certain loose mineral is safe for 3. The difference between 4 and 8 weeks is not a big deal so a white coat looking is! Ll have even more questions when the kids for 2 and a.! I truly appreciate your insight and love your website also have access to minerals from well water goats! Or not they are eating dirt means they can bag up not opened the bag would like have! Will definitely need a good grass hay past and the Replamin worked wonders and need... Pizzle surgery is not medicated sound that it was Purina (? the bottles gradually be too calcium! Ppm, but i haven ’ t have what they are free to over... In desserts and mountains, not on the other questions when this happens everything work.... And forage your time and thank you again for all of these questions this. It attached to the alfalfa, but the difference between 4 and weeks! With good quality pasture to browse because goats in the pasture area where i my... You had posted that i think they used to do extra copper mineral won ’ get. Here is more on converting ppm and percents: https: //thriftyhomesteader.com/a-beginners-guide-to-goats/, and! But can not break the bank either because this may not need baking depending... Form for the wether to Purina or Sweetlix whichever one i can only hope that you! Goats about a month goat - 12 Ct. … mineral blocks are too hard for goats and have putting. Im thinking that if i should feed them during this transition feed into the minerals goats.
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